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Your Ultimate Apartment Moving Checklist For Lafayette

December 20, 2021
Exterior photo of The Verge Apartments in the fall season.

You have a lot to accomplish when you move to a new apartment home in Lafayette. Having a handy guide at your side will ensure everything goes more smoothly. It is critical in helping you remember all the necessary steps, stay on schedule, and feel more in control. With a goal of making your future moves more stress-free, we’ve assembled these important details for your apartment moving checklist in Lafayette.

8 Weeks Prior To Moving: Get Prepared

A white bedroom inside of the Echo Park Bloomington Apartments. 

Don’t wait to the last minute! Your moving day will be less stressful the earlier you begin preparing.
  • Make an actual list. Follow our tips to get started on your Lafayette apartment moving checklist and keep adding jobs to it when you remember something else.
  • Inform your current community. The majority of contracts call for advance notice of usually 30 or 60 days before you plan to leave.
  • Review your exiting requirements, which may include cleaning and scheduling a walk-through. Be sure to include these on your checklist.

6 Weeks Before Moving: Make Moving Day Plans

This is the week to figure out the logistics for the day of your move and arrange the help you need.

  • Wrap-up anything that’s still pending with your new apartment property in Lafayette. Confirm your move-in date, make sure you understand the steps you need to take, and finish any documents that still need to be signed.
  • Enlist professional movers or secure a van or truck. Reserve as soon as possible so that you lock in a date that works best for your schedule.
  • Arrange childcare or a pet sitter for the day of your move to ensure the safety of children and pets.

2-4 Weeks Before Your Move: Box It Up

Inside of a fancy bedroom at the Waverly Apartments. 

Having your things boxed up ahead of time will reduce your stress later. Put your belongings in one of these classifications: save, donations, or throw away.
  • Assemble packing materials and boxes.
  • Begin packing things you won’t need right away and getting rid of unwanted items. Don’t forget to use labels!
  • Address any issues you are responsible for in your old apartment to ensure the return of your deposit.
  • Amend your tenant insurance policy with your new place.
  • Fill out paperwork to update your address and request mail forwarding from the USPS.
  • Schedule the shifting of your utility services or create new accounts for Internet, cable, electric.
  • Notify services and subscriptions of your change of address.
  • Discover where the most convenient shopping, hospital, and other attractions are in your new neighborhood.

1 Week Before Moving Day: Make Last-Minute Preparations

The home stretch will be busy but exciting as you get ready to move.

  • Reaffirm your arrangements with movers or the truck rental company and provide directions when your day arrives.
  • Finish packing. Put together items for a small piece of luggage for the initial nights in your new place, and find a prudent method to pack precious items or personal effects like passports to keep in close proximity.
  • Tidy up your old place when you pack those last few boxes. .
  • Pick up your new keys and make an initial tour of your new place. Identify and inform management of all maintenance concerns.
  • Plan where your couches, tables, and other large pieces will best fit within your brand new floor plan.

Moving Day: Move!

Overhead shot of the Union Flats Apartments. 

It’s the big day! It will be hectic, so keep your Lafayette apartment moving checklist at hand to help you stay focused.
  • Drop off your kids and furry friends with trusted family, friends, or paid sitters until the job is complete.
  • Advise the movers as they pack and unpack the moving van or truck. Use your discretion when tipping the team and take care of any outstanding charges.
  • Do the last pass of your prior place.
  • Ensure you have utilities up and running along with fully functional smoke alarms.
  • Get the essentials laid out at your new apartment, including beds, toilet paper, and snacks.

Add A Tour Of Precedent Flats To Your Apartment Moving Checklist For Lafayette

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