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How To Secure Your Apartment In Lafayette

February 08, 2023
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Safety is a leading consideration for everyone from first-time occupants to long-standing Residents. Your apartment is your refuge, a spot where you are able to feel shielded and relaxed. Sustaining that feeling of security is crucial to the health and happiness of your family or roommates and even your four-legged companions. Initiating good safety practices and making a few changes to your residence may keep you away from dangerous situations. Just follow these simple suggestions for securing your apartment in Lafayette.

Always Make Safety A Priority

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Your apartment complex already has a range of security implements established to help keep occupants away from harm, but you have to engage with them properly! Make sure to secure all doors and gates after using them, particularly if it requires a key from a Resident, like a workout area or swimming pool. If your complex features door buzzers or keypad codes for entry, use them only for your own visitors. Allowing in someone you don’t know could cause a hazardous situation for everyone at the property!

In respect to your fellow occupants, they are important in securing your apartment in Lafayette. Take time to meet your people in your building and determine where they live. That familiarity helps you detect if any questionable people are hanging around. Your neighbors may also be the first people to respond should an unwanted event occur. In the end, safety is a group effort!

Implements to Secure Your Apartment in Lafayette

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Security tools are key to securing your apartment. Learn about some widely-known and practical devices and how to use them:

  1. Door locks: Your entry points come with locks - use them! Invaders search for the easiest way in. Securing your doors and windows after dark and before departing is often enough to deter the common burglar.
  2. Sliding door bar: A sliding back door is known to be a big target. Placing a security bar on the track to stop it from opening makes it nearly impossible for entry.
  3. Video cameras: Your apartment complex could have security cameras in place to provide protection for Residents, but incorporating your own is smart. Situate them by access points like your sliding door or above a primary walkway in the space to keep a watchful eye.
  4. Automated lighting: A simple method for securing your apartment in Lafayette is to incorporate lighting that will make prospective criminals believe you’re on site. Smart lights that may be programmed to switch on at specific points or activated via an app on your phone can give the impression that occupants are home.
  5. Curtains: As elemental as it may appear, minimizing sightlines into your unit keeps expensive belongings out of sight and keeps would-be thieves speculating if you’re inside.

Having Locks Rekeyed Or Replaced Is A Wise Move

Man replacing a door lock

Prior to moving in, it’s a good idea to find out if the front door lock has been replaced or rekeyed. Getting updated locks is a great idea to make sure the prior occupant can’t gain access to your new home. In the event it has not been rekeyed, this is a job the property team should take care of for you.

Tenant Insurance Is a Must

Even if you follow all of these tips on how to secure your apartment in Lafayette, tenant insurance is still essential. Your provider will back you up and aid you in replacing damaged or stolen possessions should the unthinkable happen. Give yourself peace of mind with a renters insurance policy.

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