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How To Create A Home Office In A Small Apartment In Lafayette

October 18, 2023
Apartment living room with a small desk next to the sofa

Remote work is here to stay for many professionals, no matter if you occupy a house or a single-bedroom apartment. If you find yourself in the latter, you won’t experience the benefit of an additional bedroom to use as your home office, but you are still able to incorporate a worthy place to work. Review these easy tips and see how to make a home office in a small apartment in Lafayette.

Small Apartment Home Office Ideas In Lafayette

Apartment bedroom with a small desk and rolling chair
Incorporating a home office in your apartment in Lafayette shouldn’t be difficult or costly. Here are a couple of tips to consider when crafting your own.

  • Choose the right desk. Selecting a desk of a proper size to fit your room is vital. If you’re using a laptop, a desk only needs to be about 20 inches deep. Your work surface is ideally about 28 inches above the floor and may be any width suitable for your space. Be sure you have area for an extra monitor. You'll be thankful you have it when you have spreadsheets up, a web conference going, and various other windows open. Really short on space? Consider a two-tier foldable desk you can put away when not in use.
  • Where might your desk go? If you can slide your desk conveniently into a corner, great! But you might have to get more creative when arranging. A slim desk may be moved directly behind a sofa. You could use a small rug and desk lamp to designate the space as your home office. An empty wall on one side of a room will also work nicely. Place some pictures or keep some plantlife on your desk so you aren’t gazing at a blank wall all day.
  • Let your desk do double duty. If you’re short on space, employ your desk for multiple functions. Put it adjacent to your bed to double as a nightstand. Or forgo a desk entirely and work at your dining room table or kitchen bar.
  • Use floating shelves. These home office space savers work nicely when your desk is next to a wall. You’ll have extra room for whatever you need and can easily blend shelving into your room’s unique aesthetic.

Want A Change Of Pace? Try Your Apartment’s Clubhouse Or A Standing Desk

An apartment clubhouse with stylish kitchenette and seating
Your apartment property might have a clubhouse with a coffee bar or office equipment as one of its amenities. Whenever you get tired of being surrounded by the same four walls, carry your laptop to the clubhouse for a change of scenery. Most will have various chairs and tables that will serve you nicely as interim workspaces.

Looking for an alternative in your own living quarters? Incorporate a small standing desk to alter your perspective and improve circulation. An affordable adjustable laptop stand can help get your workstation at the appropriate height.

Here are a handful of extra space-conserving items you can incorporate into your small apartment home office in Lafayette:

  • Folders that attach to the wall
  • Small printer stand that fits nicely under your desk
  • Small storage compartments that fasten to the your monitor’s lower edge
  • Noise-reducing headphones for loud kids and roommates

Design Your Home Office In Your New Apartment At Precedent Flats

Your home office will look wonderful in your new apartment at Precedent Flats. We have various available floor plans to suit your living and working needs. Arrange a tour of our Lafayette community or contact us at 765-771-7085 if you would like more information.