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Easy Small Apartment Laundry Solutions In Lafayette

March 23, 2023

You’re overjoyed your new apartment has its own laundry hookups. No more being forced to wait on other residents to be finished with the community washers and dryers or lugging sacks of clothing to the coin laundry. But you’ve observed one minor concern. Your tight laundry room has very little room for other supplies. Curious how to optimize your restricted space? Review these simple small apartment laundry solutions in Lafayette.

Suggestions For Making the Most Of Your Small Apartment Laundry Closet in Lafayette

Organization solution for laundry room.

When determining your list of necessary amenities, a laundry hook-up was near the top. But now that you’ve found one, you’re worried about where to keep all the things you need. Despite the fact the space may be cramped, you have the ability to make it work with the following tips:

  • Vertical shelving: In close quarters, sometimes you need to think vertically. A sturdy tall shelving unit is usually a wise option for a laundry closet or compact laundry room. Despite being only five or six inches wide, you’ll get plenty of space for your stain removers and detergents. You might even benefit from a bit of extra shelving area for regular household cleaners.
  • Storage carts on wheels: You know that little bit of area you have near your dryer or washing machine (or possibly between them)? There are actually rolling laundry storage carts planned precisely for those spaces. Made about five to six inches wide, these helpful small apartment laundry closet solutions in Lafayette will slide in just about anywhere. And they’re ideal for holding your detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, and more.
  • Door-mounted ironing board with iron holder: You know the ironing board that’s still standing next to the wall of your dining room? There’s a more optimal location for it. An over-the-door holder is the right, space-conserving answer. It’s affordable, easy to install, and most are sold with a convenient basket for your iron and ironing spray. Retrieving your ironing board and getting ready for a big outing in your new community has never been easier.
  • Curtains: Does your little laundry nook not include a door? Some affordable curtains will be able to close off the space when it’s not being used. Thanks to a seemingly endless number of patterns and colors, you’ll be able to locate curtains that complement your decor. Utilize a tension shower curtain rod to support them. And when you’re doing laundry and want a spot to air dry clothing, you can probably imagine what you can use?
  • Baskets: Metal shelving is a normal element of laundry rooms. While convenient, it also has a propensity to make items topple when they’re not situated precisely. Instead of having a jumbled pile of fallen containers of detergent and stain remover, use baskets. They’ll help you keep things organized, and they look nice!

Discover A Place With A Laundry Room In Lafayette

Laundry room with washer, dryer, and storage baskets on wire shelf.

Now that you know how to maximize the space within your laundry room, it’s time to locate an apartment that features one! Precedent Flats boasts roomy apartments with the built-in laundry connections you want. You’ll also enjoy a variety of other excellent amenities in this sought-after community. Contact 765-771-7085 to talk with a helpful leasing specialist or just schedule a tour to begin.