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Do You Need Renters Insurance For Your Lafayette Apartment?

March 17, 2021

Exterior of a Lafayette apartment

Life may throw you curveballs, but there are ways to safeguard against disaster. If you think you don't need insurance unless you own your home, you could want to take another look. With renters insurance for your Lafayette apartment, you can restore furniture or electronics lost due to a disaster.

Do a walkthrough of your apartment. Would you be able to cover the expense to purchase a new flatscreen, couch, or other items if a disaster occurred? It doesn’t matter the square footage of your place, you likely possess some expenses in belongings that require insurance.

Model living room in Lafayette apartments

What Is Renters Insurance In Lafayette?

In contrast to a typical homeowners policy, renters insurance is not designed to cover the actual apartment building. Renters insurance for your Lafayette apartment will cover your personal belongings like jewelry and electronics in the event of a fire, theft, or various other disasters. Flooding and earthquakes are typically not included but might be specifically added, so take your time and read through the policy when finalizing the policy. You even have the luxury of getting renters insurance for month-to-month rentals.

It’s important to note that insurance firms provide two kinds of reimbursement: actual cash value and replacement cost. An actual cash value policy is cheaper as it takes into consideration the value of items when a claim is made. If your flatscreen TV has been around for awhile, the reimbursement will factor in depreciation. On the other hand, replacement cost agreements give you the ability to replace the insured possession with a similar, brand new item.

Dining room at model Lafayette apartments

What Amount Of Renters Insurance For My Lafayette Apartment Is Enough?

You may be shocked at the dollar amount of your items when you add them all together. Carefully document all your valuable goods and assign an estimated value . The final total will provide a clearer picture of the amount of coverage needed|what your policy should cover.

Don't worry if your tally looks too big for a monthly premium. Even people with over $25,000 worth of possessions will find cost-effective plans that will protect your pocketbook. Remember, you're only getting your belongings insured, not the structure.

Liability Coverage for Personal Injury Injury And Property Damage

When a guest falls or is injured in some way in your apartment and files a lawsuit, a renters plan is there for you. These policies generally have $100,000 in liability coverage for incidents including personal injury, property damage, and legal representation. This part of your renters plan might even protect you when something happens at a different location. However, your insurance may only cover a settlement to personal injuries but not lawyer or court fees.

Do You Need Temporary Lodging?

If a fire, smoke, or some other disaster leaves you homeless, you have to book temporary lodging. Your renters insurance may cover costs associated with hotel stays, restaurant bills, and other expenses.

Rental Insurance Applicaation

Choose The Right Deductible For You

After exploring the primary features of renters insurance, don't forget to consider the deductible. This is the allocation you must cover before the policy kicks in. A high deductible equates to more affordable premiums, while a smaller deductible leads to increased monthly rates.

For instance, let’s say you select a $1,500 deductible for your policy. Next, your apartment has a fire resulting in $5,000 in damage or liability claims. Your insurance only covers $3,500 or whatever amount past your deductible.

Ready To Find An Apartment In Lafayette Before Deciding On A Policy? 

Before making a decision on renters insurance, you have to pick the most suitable accommodations for your lifestyle. You can find spacious units with all the amenities you want at . Make an appointment right now and choose from floor plans that will accommodate your lifestyle.